Friday, April 25, 2008

Searching made easy

We all know how frustrating it can be trying to search for things on the net. I will be giving you my thoughts and tips on this over some time. I will add more content on a regular basis. Please stay tuned.

Obviously keywords are the most important part of searching. When you decide to search for something make sure you think about specific things that are connected or related to what you will be searching for. So lets say you are looking for sites on "Bullous Emphysema". You know it is lung related so that will be a keyword. You can also link keywords together. "Lung problems" or "breathing problem". Maybe do "blebs on the lungs". You see how im taking all the basic knowledge i have to search with? You can even use a full sentence to search if you aren't getting anywhere with keywords. Just remember that chances are someone else is asking or has asked the same question you are.

April 29th - So here we are. Another day.. another search tip found. We try our best to spell things correctly but sometimes we make mistakes. Heck, we are only human after all. While you might think my tip is to make sure you spell your keyword correct.. that is not the case. Obviously first try it with correct spelling but if that doesn't work try a few different ways others might spell your search. Countless times i have searched for something with the correct spelling only to end up pulling my hair out hours later with no gain in my searching. Yet when i spell it a little off it brings up exactly what im looking for.

May 7th - So ive gone over a few of my basic tips. Lets go over an unusual tip. Usually we think of finding what we want and don't put a whole lot of thought into what might come up from our keywords we put in. Well, let me tell ya, ive had my fair share of embarrassing moments just trying to find innocent things.

So today im going to suggest you use caution when searching. Especially if there are children around. If your gonna look for "Tennis balls" it might be a good idea to just search "Tennis" or "Tennis equipment" It could just save you a headache from explaining why those websites popped up to your significant other. So not only do you want to think of specific keywords to use but what ones not to use as well.

May 8th - What i would like to emphasize on today is persistence. When i found out i have bullous emphysema i first got depressed but soon after that i decided to look up what it was i actually had. Needless to say i had never really browsed the net. At least not for anything specific. I spent hours upon hours every day looking into my problem.

It was easy to find out what it was i had but finding how i got it lead to months of searching. Now in most cases you wont have to spend so much time looking for something. My point with this story is that persistence will not only get you what you were looking for but you will learn along the way. Obviously your thinking "If i wanted to search forever i wouldn't be reading this" but just because i will give you all my tips i have, you may still run into a snag while searching for what you want. So just remember to keep your chin up and keep searching.

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